Viagra (Sildenafil) price: Comparison

Price comparison (per pill) *:

Dosage Brand Viagra Generic Viagra Generic Viagra Gold Generic Viagra Super Force Generic Viagra Professional Generic Female Viagra Kamagra Brand
25mg -
$ 0.67
- - - - -
50mg -
$ 0.78
- - $ 1.94 - $ 1.50
100mg $ 9.00 !
$ 0.90
$ 1.11 $ 2.50 $ 2.00 $ 1.89 $ 1.50
150mg -
$ 1.60
- - - - -

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When you have decided upon giving your sex life a serious boost with the help of Viagra, in comes the next concern that bothers most men. The famous blue pill is believed to be the most effective ED cure currently available for purchase – but it’s also believed to be the most heavily overpriced one. So, is it just a stereotype or is the cost of Viagra really as sky-high as it is claimed to be? In this short article we will do our best to answer this question to finally set the minds of those battling with ED at ease.

While Viagra indeed is not a cheap medication, it doesn’t mean that every sexual intercourse will cost you a fortune. Right now the average Viagra prices Walgreens, CVS and Walmart quote total around $300 for a pack containing 10 100mg pills, which breaks down to $30 per pill. A part of this impressing sum can be covered by your health insurance if it’s good enough but you might end up paying the full cash price just as well, so be ready.

So, there’s one thing that we can see clearly at this point and it’s the fact that Viagra is anything but a cheap med. But it should be said that the blue pills set you back this much only when you obtain them the way most people are used to. I.e. when you go to your doctor first, get a prescription, then take it to the local pharmacy together with your insurance card and buy from there. While this way is certainly the most traditional one, there are other options out there that can save you quite a few dollars off every pill. We will certainly talk about them later in this article. But before we get to it, there’s another very important question that has to be answered for the sake of better understanding of the whole concept of Viagra price…

WHY are Viagra prices so damn high?

viagra priveDoes this medication require some extremely expensive ingredients to be manufactured? Or is the use of some very rare high-precision machinery involved into the production process? Unfortunately, no. There are two main factors kicking the price of this medication up to sky-high levels. And neither of them has got anything to do with the actual process of manufacturing Viagra. These two things are marketing cost and patent right.

According to very rough estimates, which, nevertheless, seem to reflect the actual state of affairs pretty accurately, about 50% of the final Viagra cost that the customer has to pay is formed by the manufacturer’s marketing expenses. It all makes perfect sense when you realize how often you see Viagra ads virtually everywhere. On the TV, in newspapers and magazines, in doctors’ offices and, of course, on the Internet… Viagra didn’t turn into the world’s leading ED medication all by itself. It took years and billions of dollars to turn it into what it is now. The medication that every man remembers ahead of the rest when he starts experiencing potency problems.

And then there is that patent. Right now there’s only one company officially owning the right to produce Sildenafil-based medications in the US. Its patent will only expire in 2019 and the chances that FDA will extend it beyond that point in time are even more than just high. Therefore, we have still got a few years to go until other pharmaceutical companies are finally allowed to produce meds identical to Viagra and market them openly in the States. You can actually buy them in many around the world already – but that’s only where the almighty FDA has no power.

And it’s clear that the manufacturers of the much-wanted blue pills will do their best to rip their customers off to the maximum in the years to come. The people who have been monitoring the changes in the price of Viagra over the past few years report stunning hikes of 36.4% between 1998 and 2006 and of 78.1% between 2006 and 2010. Does that mean that by 2020 we are likely to be spending around $60 every time we want to have sex? Simply to get ourselves in the mood? While the price seems to be very, very high, it’s anything but unrealistic.

But don’t put the blame only on the manufacturer here. Brick and mortar pharmacies are getting their share of the profit from the giant rip-off as well. Which is only natural, of course – they are businesses after all, not charity organizations for men with ED. So, the price you pay for your Viagra also includes shipping from the factory to the shop, storing the medication, paying to the salesmen and leveraging the loss of profit from the products that don’t sell as good as Viagra… In the end of the day, it’s absolutely no surprise that we are paying that much, is it?

Which price of Viagra is too high?

With all of the above in mind, we can conclude that any Viagra prices Walgreens, CVS, Walmart or any other big players quote would be way too high. So how much does Viagra cost really? Well, if you want to get an understanding, you can simply visit any foreign online shop specializing in generic Viagra. Identical meds cost up to 10-20 times less than the brand-name pill and that seems to be a fair enough price – even with the manufacturer’s and retailers’ profits included. And don’t think that these meds are not popular enough and the online shops are simply struggling to get rid of them at all costs. Generic preparations identical to Viagra are super-popular among online buyers and selling good enough to make those who produce them very rich.

Thus, when you see such low prices, don’t get scared. What you get for this money is not discount Viagra close to expiry date or some bogus pill – it’s the same good old Sildenafil that works perfectly under all circumstances. It doesn’t mean, however, that you should just pounce on any ED pill that is cheap enough. Indeed, there are enough counterfeit medications in the market and most of them are sold online. Thus, don’t be in too much hurry to buy unless you are sure you can tell a good and reliable medication offered by a trusted online pharmacy from a bogus pill sold by a witch doctor. One of the reasons why our site is here is because we want to show you how to see that difference.

Will Viagra price go down someday in future?

viagra 100In spite of the fact that the market has seen such rapid growth in the price of the main impotence remedy over the past years, there’s a chance that we will see it go back down again soon. And the good news is that we won’t even have to wait until 2019 to celebrate the moment when Viagra finally becomes affordable. There are numerous influential organizations, such as American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), for instance, trying hard to attract the attention of the government to the fact that brand-name medications keep growing more and more expensive even when the consumer prices are actually going down on average.

If the court agrees that such controversy exists and if there is enough evidence to accuse the manufacturer of Viagra of leading an unfair pricing policy, then we will see cheap Viagra sold not only online but in brick and mortar pharmacies as well. To be honest, this possibility seems vague at the moment but, as more and more individuals and organizations rise to oppose unfair medication prices, the government still seems likely to give in and take legal action.

How to get the best Viagra prices today?

It’s easy to speculate about the possible perspectives and future trends though when you’re still young and hoping that you won’t need Viagra for at least another couple of years. But what if you need it today? Create a huge thousand-dollar hole in your yearly budget and go shopping for Viagra at $30 a pill? There’s no way we would suggest that! Fortunately, there are a number of ways allowing you to save money on blue pills and we would love to go through those in the following part of the article.

Review of Viagra price

Just wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU for your customer support and flawless delivery. I received the meds exactly as ordered. My father (80-years young) has asked me about Viagra. He is living at my billing address, in Davis California. How possible is it for me to make another order and have the next shipment sent to him in Davis? I will also make another order, for myself here in Singapore in a few months time.

Ray H.

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3 ways to bring the cost of Viagra down

1) Shop for your ED medications online. While the manufacturers of overpriced brand-name pharmaceuticals are trying hard to portray this method as highly risky and even dangerous for your health and life, they are simply playing an unfair game again. Thousands of people go online to get their ED pills every single day but, strangely, there are no reports of countless deaths or permanent damage to health to match that. Why? Simply because meds purchased online work as well – no matter if it’s generic Viagra or other preparations using Sildenafil or other active ingredients. The only thing that you should remember here is super-simple: always choose a reliable supplier! Don’t be lazy to spend a couple of days reading and researching. There are numerous reviews and customer testimonials available online that will help you decide, which medication to choose and where to get it from.

2) Consider changing your health insurance provider or plan. While not all insurance plans cover the purchase of such meds as Viagra or, say, birth control pills, some do it. It’s definitely going to help you lower your expenses – even when shopping for ED meds in your local pharmacy the old school way. As far as we know, plans covering up to 8 pills of Viagra a month do exist – and are actually quite easy to find. However, it should be noted that the majority of them work only with that mail order thing. On one hand, this is really good as it allows you to get Viagra without compromising your privacy in brick and mortar pharmacies. On the other hand, however, mail order delivery may be a bummer in those cases when your cabinet is already empty but you are hoping to have some good time soon and need your blue pills really fast. Thus, the ideal option would be getting an insurance plan that allows you to get at least a few pills a month from a regular pharmacy.

3) Adopt a healthier lifestyle to take Viagra cost off your list of expenses. Everyone knows that erectile dysfunction is often caused by such things as sedentary lifestyle, alcohol abuse, unhealthy eating and so on. Nevertheless, most men consider Viagra an easier way to get their virility back while they can continue destroying their health with all of the abovementioned together. Still, changing your lifestyle might not only save you thousands of dollars – it will definitely affect your general wellbeing immensely. So instead of looking for discount Viagra or playing around with your insurance, take up jogging or at least walking more, eat more greens and less fat, and try to quit smoking and limit your alcohol consumption to a couple of beers or glasses of wine a week. In a few months you might find yourself not needing Viagra at all!

Advantages of buying Viagra online

If you still doubt whether you should try getting your ED meds on the Internet or not, try to get one very simple question answered. How much does Viagra cost online? Some googling or, even better, a quick look around our site will give you the much wanted answer that is guaranteed to impress you. Most online pharmacies sell generic Viagra for $1.50-$2.00 a pill and if you decide to really stock up and get a few hundred pills at once, the price may even go down under $1 a pill for you with all of the discounts available! That’s up to 30 times less than what you pay in your local pharmacy – for the medication with exactly the same ingredients and effect! Sounds like a tempting deal, doesn’t it?

Plus, there’s another very important advantage of buying pills from Internet pharmacies that we bet you will surely like. The point is that most of them sell Viagra and similar medications without prescription. That means you can forget about embarrassing visits to the doctor and all the hassle that you need to go through in order to get a few pills and enjoy normal sex again.

So, this is it, we guess. Hope that this article managed to answer your questions about Viagra prices and how to find the best of them the smart way. Of course, maintaining your sexual health is a very important matter that should be taken seriously. However, it doesn’t mean that it requires multiple thousand-dollar investments every year. Shop smart – and give your virility and your bank account an equally good treatment!